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High Performance Remote Workstation Visualization


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At a Glance: Solution

  • Post process where your data resides, eliminating large data transfers
  • Centralize system management
  • Centralize workstations, reducing costs
  • Dynamic, cloud workstation instances
  • Enable engineers and scientists with dynamically allocated, professional 3D workstation

At a Glance: Technology

  • Browser-based, HTML5 remote desktop
  • No client installation or plug-in needed
  • High-end, 3D accelerated desktops which outperform traditional VDI
  • Native client optional for multi screen at high resolutions (up to 4k)
  • Operates on a wide variety of network conditions and platforms
  • Secure HTTPS authentication to desktop environments from any location
  • Collaborative multi-user sessions
  • Supported on GPU and CPU platforms

Our Customers

  • Large Corporations +  Organizations: Our solution delivers high speed, easy to deploy remoting software that empowers inter and intra company collaboration.
  • Cloud Services + Software Companies:Embedding our software makes access to your products and services easy and seamless, delivering more value to your customers.
  • Small and Medium Businesses: We help your employees be more productive without the overhead of traditional remoting solutions.
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